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Legal problems using OpenSSL?

ПовідомленняДодано: 27 червня 2018, 15:05

I have an application I need root to install on one of our boxes for me. It requires the OpenSSL library. Which, according to him, contains some reverse engineered code, that he will not install because it would open us up to legal problems.And I'm curious about this. I've never heard mention of this problem before, and was wondering if anyone else has. Does anyone has some reference material on the subject? Because I need this package built, and need it to have OpenSSL built with it. So I've got to convince root.
At least he's not a power-hungry root. He seemed happy that I brought him a biscuit.

Please help

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https://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic ... 0&t=681714
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Re: Legal problems using OpenSSL?

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Crysta Lipinski
whait is it? can you tell me more?